Cooktop Cleaning Services

Ovengleam provides superior results and restores cooktop surfaces to premium condition for many clients. We understand cleaning your cooktop is an often arduous and uninviting task; allow us to do this for you.

Over time your cooktop builds up residue that is difficult to remove when using standard supermarket cleaners. Our professionally trained cleaning technicians use a superior product range which dissolves and banishes built up grime and residue. We dismantle, clean, polish and reassemble every part of your cooktop no matter what brand, gas or electric leaving the centrepiece of your kitchen sparkling and hygienically clean.

At Ovengleam we only use eco friendly, non-caustic, fume free cleaning products which ensure safety for you, your family and your appliances.

Our word is our bond and our service is our guarantee. Contact Us for a no obligation quote. Let us do your dirty work!





To book an appointment contact Natalie on
07 5478 0691 or
0423 047 684.